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you think you know me.

stubborn. the beach. madly in love. pictures. site seeing. traveling. eating i <3 food! family. friends. all things exciting. deserts. mochi. shopaholic. makeup. clothes. i <3 change, but can't seem to change. staying in my blankets watching movies. laying out in the sun. music<3. sleep &&naps. all forms of art <3. and i <3 life :)

hint 0fguilt.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

my mini vacay :D

just got back from Lake Arrowhead. I didn't know such a beautiful world existed. It makes me want to live a full life so I can discover places, things, etc. that I didn't know existed.. I also think it's the people who you're with that makes it enjoyable. great company is always a plus :) and I'm blessed that my bf's family is very generous, down to earth, and accepting. If he didn't have a great family I'm sure I wouldn't have had fun either :P. It was beautifullll up there. The view was just breath taking. The 1st picture was the backyard.. I was in awe. :]   hope everyone had an awesome weekend! enjoy <3

p.s. the giveaway update:  i'm going to buy the products either this weekend or next weekend :) can't wait to send them out and announce the winners! ... and i'll be randomly selecting the winners.. i just have to find a program or website that can do that :P I want to make it as fair as possible. The question that I gave out for the giveaway rule was just a personal survey-ish. There is no right answer and will not effect your chances of getting the prize. :P



  1. i think its wonderful of your bf and his family to be so accepting! i have hear too many horror stories of future n present mother in laws lol

    aw i wanna play wif snow too!

    xoxo elle

  2. your boots are so cute!! you look like you had a great time with your bf and his family :)

  3. thanks guys (for all the nice comments!) :)