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you think you know me.

stubborn. the beach. madly in love. pictures. site seeing. traveling. eating i <3 food! family. friends. all things exciting. deserts. mochi. shopaholic. makeup. clothes. i <3 change, but can't seem to change. staying in my blankets watching movies. laying out in the sun. music<3. sleep &&naps. all forms of art <3. and i <3 life :)

hint 0fguilt.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

its rainingggg, its pouring, the old man is snoringgg

currently listening to - Jessie J- Price Tag
new followers! yayyy :) so exciting! thank you all for following. I will do the same soon! =) so exhausted from school all day.. so all i want to do right now is just sleep x_x. I've read all the post already :D I love to travel and needed new traveling ideas that is why I decided to ask.. but anywho's.. no updates on much. mehhh sorry I can't entertain you much today :P

here's a blast of the past for you about a year ago :P They were taken at a random halloween party that I went to and the other was at The Queen Mary. Its sooooOOo lovely there! The view is breath taking minus all the polluted water.. ahaha... anyways. hope you had a great day and a wonderful night.. its raining! i love it when it rains when i'm about to go to sleep.. I sleep like a baby when it rains :)


  1. You look lovely and you're so tall. I wish I had legs like yours. :)

  2. ^___^ thnx. i'm really not that tall. heels really help make it look like it though :D

  3. you guys look like you're having so much fun, adorable!