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you think you know me.

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hint 0fguilt.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

happy birthday sam!

listening to: lil wayne - how to love. (didnt know he sings O_O)
MISSION FAILED!! so me and my friends wanted to do a birthday celebration for my good friend. but everything did not go as planned and somehow we ended up at jack in the box and the beach.. haha.. but happy birthday to her! she is a great friend and is always on the look out for me and everyone she cares for. she deserves a good bday and the best. I don't have much close friends. We had our up's and downs. and somehow we managed to work things out and became great friends.. and I want to be a good friend to her as much as possible. I dont have the best personality. but we work around our bad habits. so thanks sam for being born on your special day! and thanks to all you do for me and the ppl around you!

but our mission was such a fail. we still had a moment of fun tho.. but we're gonna have to work something out... =P

1 comment:

  1. aw as long as you guys are there for each it doesn't matter how you celebrate! :)