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you think you know me.

stubborn. the beach. madly in love. pictures. site seeing. traveling. eating i <3 food! family. friends. all things exciting. deserts. mochi. shopaholic. makeup. clothes. i <3 change, but can't seem to change. staying in my blankets watching movies. laying out in the sun. music<3. sleep &&naps. all forms of art <3. and i <3 life :)

hint 0fguilt.

Monday, May 30, 2011

ahh! been inactive for so long.. and blogspot was giving me a hard time in signing on.. so i've been having verification problems :( .. but i'm back! =D

so I got myself a pair of TOMS, I'm not a fan of the style .. but it's surprisingly comfortable! you'd be surprised how comfortable they are! So I wore them all day and I walk a lot.. I mean A LOT! I'm pretty much on my feet all day and all night! and my feet are not... hurting!! AT ALL! ... I didn't expect them to be this comfortable.. I might just buy another pair.. I think it was a good ~50 bucks well spent! =] it's 43 something at Nordstrom...  they're like crocs. but better looking! haha =] no offense.. but I would never wear crocs no matter how comfortable they are.. =/  unless someone paid me to wear them... then it depends.. ahh. summer is coming! =] so excited!! I'm going to a water park next week! =]]


  1. You look so cute, and the food oh so yummy, and I love what TOMS is doing for the children in need :)

  2. and the TOMS are soooOOoo comfortable! :D

  3. Ive been wanting a pair of Toms, but I haven't decide what color to get. You should do an outift with the pair of Tom's you have.