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you think you know me.

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hint 0fguilt.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

its saturday! :) okay okay.. so I looovvee junk food! and recently I discovered these garlic green peas.. They're soOooo good! so as of right now i'm about to go on a hunt to find them.. I found them at my boyfriends house. His mom loves to buy random snacks.. and I've always seen it, but never tried it.. until the boyfriends niece was eating them and she fed me some and I couldnt stop munching! I never been a fan of peas. but gosh! these are delicious! :) n I have this addictive personality.. so anyhows.. I recently went on a hike w/ my family to Via Verde its towards Pomona. it was a beautiful discovery. =]

and ... lastly. my favorite food is Thai food! because of its spices. I love spicy food! :) This is called Larb. You have the option of beef or chicken and I just always preferred chicken. Its grounded chicken mixed with red onions, chili peppers and lots of it, fish sauce, lemon, and a little bit of crushed nuts. So good! people usually eat this as a salad wrap. but I just eat mine with white rice. =] The restaurant also has a sushi bar. A little bit pricey for "asian" but all dishes is probably 10 bucks and under at most 12.. If you are ever in town and want to try it,  here is the address:

Your House Thai Restaurant (yes, its called your house)
2838 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA 90804
(562) 498-4949
(they deliver!) 

What type of food do you love to eat??


  1. i like thai food too, but my hubby thinks its too sweet sometimes lol he only like steaks n sausages a meat lover..i like vietnamese food!

    xoxo elle

  2. I know what your hubby means! they do have sweet dishes that are too sweet for my taste. I only like their spicy dishes :D .. I love Vietnamese food too! there's a really good spot by my house :D thnx for reminding me! now I'm having cravings!