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you think you know me.

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hint 0fguilt.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

OMG! seriously i apologize for not blogging. poor blog. i've abandoned you!! but not for long! :) i'm going to veeegas tomorrow! =D wish me luck! i heard its going to be fairly hot and probably busy to because of the students that are going to be on spring break!.. I'll let you know though! i hope to come back with a lipstick or something and an awesome experience! free drinks haha ^^ well besides the tipping.. (drink responsible though!) I'll be staying off the strip though its at The Orleans. Its pretty decent. I saw the hotel rooms and stuff it looks pretty clean.. but i'll find out.. I could probably start reviewing vegas hotels hahaha i've been to so many different ones each year.. I never get sick of it though.. :) anyways here's a couple reviews.


 This color is ROUGE ARTIST INTENSE in Mat 1. It is what it says. The color is very intense. I probably need maybe 1 swipe and my lips are fully covered with color. But it is a bit on the dry side and not very moisturizing. The feeling on your lips would be heavy. I do think it serves its purpose and I don't believe it is meant for a lip balm or anything. So if you do purchase this line don't expect it to be nothing else, but give your lips color. If you'd like you can always use a lip balm before you apply this. I personally would only use this for color and only to make my lip color pop. 


 This is by Josie Maran in Birthday Suit. The pigmentation is kind of sheer. The color shows, but the pigmentation is not that high. It might be because of the color I chose. The feeling is very light almost like a lip balm. It is also very moisturizing. I don't mind using this lip stick at all. The only issue is probably the way the color comes out. But everything else is pretty decent. I would buy more of this brand, except I'd need to prime my lips and probably conceal it to show a good amount of color.

ok I have to pack and shower and organize my binder for class tomorrow.. more to come!



  1. OOh, vegas! Try that place that makes crazy cupcakes while you're there! Have fun!