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hint 0fguilt.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my monday on a tuesday

i feel so draineddddd. as if someone took a tube and sucked my energy dry.. i could knock out so easily right now! =]  ... but i told myself to stay awake o__o" so i'm trying my best right now to not start talking nonsense.

I said I'd do a review for the Rock & Republic. it's actually on sale right now on hautelook.com <--- awesome place to get designer name brands for a bargain. And the R&R sale is actually not the first they've had it on their site. They actually had a few times... so if you don't get the chance to get them now. You POSSIBLY have a chance to get them next time. So I got a lip-gloss in Muse.. and the texture and feel of it is great on your lips, very smooth and clean feeling. Its not sticky at all, I'd describe it as a lip balm with a little more thickness than a balm, but the pigmentation is not their.. it is very sheer. so don't expect any color. And just to make sure it's not the color I chose I decided to buy another color from them just because it has a very clean feeling on my lips. So I got it in LOUDMOUTH. the previous one was in MUSE.

&& for the eyeshadow I purchased it in PARANOID. very pigmented, very smooth, silky feel, but I wouldn't purchase it again.. Not for any particular reason.. I guess it's because I expected more to it because of its packaging was so nice.. but no wow factor after I messed around with the color.  So there you have it my opinion. =P there's a picture of me wearing the R&R lip-gloss in MUSE. There is really no color. It would probably be great to wear over a lipstick or something.&& i won't get to review the lip-gloss in Loudmouth until mid-march. that's when they're shipping it out. :( sry.

here is the paranoid color


  1. I bought "muse" too, and I completely agree with you on it having no pigment whatsoever. I do like the texture of it and it's easy to wear. Please let me know what you think of the shade you just purchased.

  2. I'll let you know! :D too bad hautelook.com ships it so late :/