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you think you know me.

stubborn. the beach. madly in love. pictures. site seeing. traveling. eating i <3 food! family. friends. all things exciting. deserts. mochi. shopaholic. makeup. clothes. i <3 change, but can't seem to change. staying in my blankets watching movies. laying out in the sun. music<3. sleep &&naps. all forms of art <3. and i <3 life :)

hint 0fguilt.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

my sister got me the new grace summer scent. smells nice. got a few compliments already =] .. and i'm dyeing my hair again! haha to black.. i tried to dye it brown. and it was just a major fail... lol. so i'm i'm just going to back to black.. my sister got the chance to go to IMATS. so I asked her to get me the M.U.F.E.'s hd primer..its such a great primer! it has my makeup lasts all day long. or night! I used it a couple of times when I went clubbing and my friends would point out how my makeup is still on.. my sister also got me a napoleon perdis set. its cute! thnx sis.! =]  ysl makeup review soon! here's a preview of the eyeshadow colors..


  1. That napolean palettes looks very pretty! Cute packaging! :D

  2. Aw, your sister's so sweet. ^^ Love the palette! :D

    Looking forward to your review!

  3. hey hey cutie patootie!
    i loved this post. grace seems so heavenly!

    mucho loving!