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you think you know me.

stubborn. the beach. madly in love. pictures. site seeing. traveling. eating i <3 food! family. friends. all things exciting. deserts. mochi. shopaholic. makeup. clothes. i <3 change, but can't seem to change. staying in my blankets watching movies. laying out in the sun. music<3. sleep &&naps. all forms of art <3. and i <3 life :)

hint 0fguilt.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

{{Burt's Bees Lip Balm in Tiger Lily $6.99, Target; ELF's Finishing Powder $4.99, Target; Sephora's Smashbox Beauty Insider Gift 500 pts.; Sephora's Insider Gift Philosophy Tinted Moisturizer 100 pts.; La Parolaccia Osteria Italiana, Lasagna Modenese Dish: $15.50, Ravioli Con Pollo Dish: $14.95; Earrings $10.00 Boutique; Bracelet $3.95 H&M}}

My Reviews:
  1. Burt's Bees Lip Balm-  Ehh I havent used it long enough to really know.. but its very moisturizing! super sheer. I would suggest buying a more deep color. You could probably go dark red and it would prob. come out pink.
  2. Elf's Finishing Powder-  For 5 bucks.. I think It does a decent job. Although MakeUpForEver's finishing powder lasts MUCH longer. but then again. u can't beat 5 bucks!
  3. Smashbox Gift-  Pretty nice, Although the only thing I don't really like is the eyeliner, their creme eyeliner's smudge. (only cuz I have oily skin. if u have dry to normal skin this might work for u.)
  4. Philosophy's Hope Tinted MoisturizerFirst time using it. So can't give much of an opinion. but I must say, it's has a VERY light feel. which I love. :)
  5. La Parolaccia Osteria Italiana-  I have a hard time pronouncing this place and remembering how to spell it. A bit on the salty side for me. but some ppl like that. I liked the lasagna. The ravioli was okay. If I were to rate it 1-10, 10 being best. I'd give this place a 7.

So today was very chill. spent it w/ my fam. although we get on each others nerve, my family is what made me who I am today. I am blessed to have them.. c[=  so I went jogging with my sisters then rented a couple of movies, bought a few groceries. It's Saturday night. and I don't mind staying at home doing nothing =] tomorrow is hiking and a dip at the beach after =] . some fun in the sun. and some GTL ;] 

La Parolaccia Osteria Italiana
2945 E Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 438-1235


  1. Love this post jewelry, makeup, and food! Heart your new earrings :)

  2. nice review. check out my blog featuring what i won from your giveaway. http://cushyblushy.blogspot.com/

  3. hullo my dear you are simply gorgeous and your pictures are wonderful!

    and gee thanks for making me hungry with your food pictures!

    take care dear (:

    - missa

  4. i cant live without my burts bee lip balm in the morning..it has spf!!! lol

    xoxo elle